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Moving day is stressful enough without last minute problems cropping up. When they run the risk of costing you money, it’s vital that you be prepared. Make sure these four things are covered on moving day, so the movers operate smoothly and don’t charge you for anything unexpected.

1. Clear Parking And Loading

If you live on a busy street or there’s a chance vehicles could block the way, the movers spend time waiting until their way is clear to pull in. The moving company is in the business of making money, and what slows them down costs them money.

With that said, make very sure the way is clear on moving day. If you have to park your car down the street or in a neighbor’s drive, that’s better than paying extra for a blocked drive.

Keep the sidewalk and porch clear. The moving personnel can’t load the truck quickly if they’re hitting their heads on hanging plants or tripping over potted plants on the steps of the porch. Prop the door open to facilitate ease of loading the truck.

2. Take Out Trash

There’s going to be last minute trash as you clean the rooms after packing them out. Carry out to the kerb things the truck won’t take like half-empty paint cans or paint thinner. If you haven’t had a chance to use everything in the fridge and freezer, toss them. They can’t be packed on the truck, and you have enough in your car. Whatever is left, bag it and toss it to the kerb for trash pickup.

3. Finish Packing

There will be some people who work two jobs or just got back into town before moving day. These will not have had time to finish packing out the house. Direct the movers to begin in other areas and work their way around to the room you’re packing out. No time will be lost, and you won’t be charged for holding up the moving personnel.

4. Locking Up

The truck is packed and ready to move out. Your car is packed and ready to follow the truck. Before you get in the car, though, make sure every door and window in the old house is closed and locked. Make sure every room is clean and empty. Call to ensure the utilities will be turned off now that you’re out of the house. Take the keys off your keyring and leave them on the kitchen counter. For further information, has many resources available on their website.

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