Net Know How


No longer simply a highway of information, the internet has brought upon today’s world a new information age. And with 40 percent of the world on the internet today, nearly half of all people throughout the planet have been united under a single, common language.

All 3.4 billion of us are citizens of the internet, quite literally. And navigating this world can be a difficult journey for many, especially for those just joining the ranks of the web savvy. That’s where we come in.
Digital citizenship is described as the action of actively engaging with your fellow users through the effective utilization of information technologies. This could range from something as simple as starting a Facebook page or commenting on a message board all the way to online journalism, like blogging, or more sophisticated forms of information exchange.

Whenever anybody so much as signs up for an email address, they become ratified as citizens of the internet. Though this is often considered one of the simplest functions of the internet as a means of communication, this is a vital first step into becoming engaged with your fellow internet user.

This site will deal with the topic of using these technologies as efficiently as possible. With insightful articles, various pieces of research on the topic and resources for those just beginning to use their citizenship to interact with the rest of the world. From the basic act of static deliberations, such as participating in basic online discourses such as polls or message boards, all the way to dynamic deliberations such as with content creation, we provide the know-how to provide you sufficient background to not just make your way through this world, but to gain fluency.

Consider ourselves as your road to naturalizing yourself as a true citizen of the World Wide Web.