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Evaluating Internet sites can be a challenge at first. All newcomers to the 'Net are immediately placed in the position of evaluator.  And in schools everywhere, it's teachers who will help them learn how to evaluate!

As we begin to sift through sites, there are some key indicators that we can all quickly identify that will help determine the authenticity, quality, and usefulness of any website.


Ask yourself these questions....

  • Is the information credible? Who is the creator? Am I able to contact the creator?
  • Is it easy to navigate? Are there clear directions? Is the design user friendly?
  • Will I return to this site? Should I bookmark it? Should I recommend it to others?
  • How resourceful is it? Is the information organized in a manner that is useful to me?
  • What makes this site unique? Is the information addressing my issue in a manner that expands my knowledge?
  • Am I being swayed by appealing design elements that mask ho-hum content, or am I being swayed by poor design elements that detract from fine content?
  • How do I cite a website, once my choice is made? resources can help...

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Are you looking for
a quick example of how to cite a web site?

Here's the structure you follow......

1. Author's name (if known) (last name, first name)

2. a) The full title of the work in quotation marks.

    b) The title of the complete work if applicable, in

3. a) The document date if known and if different from the date

    b) The full http address.

    c) The date of visit.

......and a real example......

TELUS Learning Connection. "Search Engines...Quick!" 1997.
QuickSearch/searcheng.html (5 Jan. 2008).

Remember also to cite images in
your bibliography, and obtain permission to use them where
appropriate.  For example, the picture at the top of this page
could be cited as...

tutor3.jpg.  2008.
nkhsrevaluate/tutor3.jpg (29 Jan. 2008).

For more resources on citation go to our 'Net resources on citing.